4 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

By February 8, 2013Business, Email, Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective direct marketing tools available today. Best of all, it’s easy to track the results.

An email is less of an”intrusion” to the consumer because typically your contacts “opt in” to receive your messages. The sign up and opt out processes can be customized with options for the consumers. The results will tell you what they want and don’t want to see, which will effectively increase prospective sales and improve customer relations.

Here are four ways you can make sure you are getting the most out of your email marketing strategy.

1. Target Your Emails

Catering your emails to your contacts’ interests is a great method for improving your results. Your sign up form can be customized with categories of interest. Now your contacts are telling you what information they want to receive. With this added information, you can strategically send catered messages to your audience. This saves time and money, while increasing opening rates.

2. Avoid Looking Like Spam

Half the battle of getting results with email is getting people to open them. Spam has been flooding people’s emails since the beginning. Your customers have built a defense against these spam messages and will avoid them whenever possible. You need to make sure your important messages don’t get passed over because they look like spam – not only to the customers themselves but to the spam software most email services use.

Words/phrases to stay away from:

  • Free (try using At No Cost, Our Treat, Be Our Guest)
  • Words in ALL CAPS
  • % Off
  • Act now
  • ! – Exclamation points
  • $ – Dollar signs

Besides avoiding the “spam look,” you should mention a specific benefit that gives your contacts an idea of what to expect from your email.

3. Provide Relevant Content

Now this one should be pretty self explanatory, but your contacts will be more motivated to open and click-through your emails if you send them messages that are relevant to their interests. The offers and information you send should be strategically chosen for each group that you divided your contacts into. Keep in mind that all your contacts don’t always have the same interests and that these interests can change over time. It is worth your time to occasionally go through your email list and make sure all your lists are up to date.

4. Use a Clear Call To Action

You should have a clear “call to action” with each of your emails. Too many actions can confuse the reader. Start with a single goal and give your audience a clear motivation. Then track the open and click rates to gain insight to further improve your email communication.

Some examples of actions you may want include:

  • Visit your website
  • Request information
  • Call to book an appointment
  • Fill out a registration form
  • Shop now
  • Give us feedback
  • Request a price quote

Creating your call to action as a clickable link is a great way for it to stand out from the rest of the email. Whether you include a link or simply a phone number or email address, make sure it is easily understood what you want your contact to do.

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